Who is the Best Banjo Player of all Time

Banjo has been one of the most influential musical instruments since its inception in the 19th century. It was originally from African American folks, specifically slaves who taught their master on how to play the instrument.

But in the progression, banjo affected the American old-time music, folk music, as well as other vintage genres. It is always fantastic to discuss banjo itself and the best banjo player who has such great influence in the world of banjo.

Knowing these best banjo players of all time will give you insight on exploring your banjo playing journey. You will also have a more comprehensive list of references to equip yourself with the best knowledge of banjo. Without further ado, let’s see the best banjo player in the world list below.

Who is the Best Banjo Player of all Time

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Earl Scruggs


Earl Scruggs will be first and foremost a name to mention when we talk about the best banjo player ever in the world. And when you see this proposition in many other places, you are not wrong at all. He is the pioneer of bluegrass banjo. The first style of the bluegrass banjo was defined by Earl Scruggs.

The professional banjo players have been referring to Earl Scruggs’s play style. He was the first one who created the three-finger picking technique which has become the standard for modern banjo style.

There is a great reason why Earl Scruggs is considered as the father of bluegrass banjo. His fast-paced three fingerstyles have managed to replace the traditional chords which are commanded by the clawhammer banjo. He also has many notable works which many people learn. If you are serious about improving your banjo style, Earl Scruggs must be the first player to look at.

Earl Scruggs Video Review



Bela Fleck


Bela Fleck is indeed one of the best banjo players of all time. Folks are fond of this banjo player because of his incredible live performance. Although Earl Scruggs is considered the father of banjo, Bela Fleck is more popular in terms of the bluegrass banjo exploration and fusion. It is because he managed to branch the bluegrass banjo out of the box. It was also the initiation of the fusion genre like pop banjo, rock banjo, country banjo, and even orchestra with banjo. Fleck is also a banjo artist who is nominated in Grammy Award so many times.

Bela Fleck Video Review



Abigail Washburn


Adding oriental stuff to your banjo style? You will want to check on the works from Abigail Washburn. She is definitely the best banjo player in the world who focuses on mixing Chinese and Appalachian influences. You can see a lot of Chinese culture inspirations in her “Song of the Travelling Daughter” work. Such a great thing to know is that she is married to Bela Fleck who performed with her in the Sparrow Quartet band. But now, the band has disbanded. Both Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn have been exploring their own solo careers. but here is where the interesting stuff happens. You can see the huge differences of styles between Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck.

Abigail Washburn Video Review



Ralph Stanley


Ralph Stanley is a member of Grand Ole Opry. He can be quoted as the best banjo player because he has ever been inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. Back then, the modern bluegrass was still relatively new and not appetizing for the audiences. Ralph Stanley was the one who brought up the impacts of banjo for the listeners and audiences of music in general.

Ralph Stanley Video Review


Tony Trischka


When it comes to the roots of the banjo style, the best banjo player to look at is Tony Trischka. He has been considered one of the most influential banjo players in the world.

He has over four decades of experience. In his entire career, he has produced tons of recordings and performances. But he has also created the techniques which influence the banjo players around the world. Serious Banjo players can also join with Tony Trischka School of Banjo. It is an online Banjo school which can be reached by all the banjo players around the world.

Tony Trischka Video Review



Alison Brown


If you are wondering about the female best banjo player ever, you cannot go wrong with Alison Brown. She is one of the most popular female banjo players in the world. The Grammy-award winning artist has long years of dedication in the world of banjo. She is most renowned for her five-string banjo modern style. If you are looking for the best references which show the successful acculturation of banjo and various music genres, then her works can be the first things to check. She is also known for her distinctive banjo music techniques in Celtic folk and bluegrass. You will see the different world of banjo from her works.

Alison Brown Video Review



Alan Munde


Alan Munde is a fantastic banjo artist who had influenced the world of banjo in the mid-70s. his different playstyle in traditional bluegrass tunes had amazed all of his fans. He was also a great performer. He would slay every stage he visited. For that reason, many agree that he is one of the best banjo players in modern times. His long span careers are simultaneous with his tons of banjo works.

Alan Munde Video Review

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