Recording King rk-r20 Songster Banjo Review

Recording King RK-R20 Songster 5-String Resonator Banjo is one of the many types of banjos on the market today. Another musical instrument, its characteristics are different. Recording King RK-R20 is also the same. This instrument has its unique style that makes banjo lovers unable to move to another type. Recording King Banjo RK-R20 5-String Resonator Banjo gives the impression of a sharp sound, so it is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a banjo with a good resonator.

Recording King rk-r20 Songster Banjo Review

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The features of this Recording King Banjo are:

  1. Use mahogany for banjo neck resonators featuring a gloss dark amber finish and white binding.
  2. Use maple rim, a rosewood fretboard with hearts & flowers inlays, and a rolled brass tone ring.
  3. Remo Recording King banjo head with Planetary-style tuners machine, and a geared 5th string peg.
  4. A maple/ebony bridge combined with a nickel-plated Kershner-style tailpiece.
  5. A sleek design with aesthetic touches includes mother-of-pearl fretboard, neck and resonator binding, headstock inlays, and a gloss finish.


Although this Banjo doesn’t have a solid bronze tone ring, it can produce nice sounds for bluegrass music. It can make bright and clear sounds and be pleasant to hear. This also a great bluegrass banjo for beginners and experts. Using mahogany as its ingredients, the Recording King RK-R20 is a long-lasting banjo that is not easily damaged.

The planetary tuner’s style that provides even tension while turning smoothly makes thisĀ  Banjo like the other most high-end banjos. A planetary tuner is usually a 4:1 ratio which means every four rotations of the button create one rotation of the peg. The rolled brass tone ring will give your banjo a clear and defined tone. Considered as the classic standard for old-time players, the ring is versatile for all types of playing styles. The Remo Banjo Head has the traditional white frosted look and also the most popular head made for 5-string banjos.

The Remo Heads bring a crisp dry tone, not much sustain, and also provides a clarity and note distinction. Every major banjo manufacturer worldwide using Remo Heads is due to their quality of performance, sound, and construction. The rosewood fretboard can soften the sound for guitars with maple necks. Many players favor Rosewood fretboards for making a warm sound, or by those who wish to tame harsh sounds with the nice one.

This Banjo is well made and you will find nothing to complain about the way it looks, sounds, or feels. If you are a beginner who is just starting to learn the banjo bluegrass, using Recording King is the right choice. Using banjo at too low a price will not give good sound results, and you will not be able to learn correctly. So, if you want to get a banjo at an affordable price and decent quality, placing the choice on the banjo is the right first step. You can buy it through online stores or come directly to the music store you are subscribed to. Recording King is a type that sells so you don’t need to be confused looking for stores that sell it.

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