Oscar Schmidt ob5sp 5-String Banjo Review

Banjo is the oldest stringed instrument in America. This instrument was originally made during the time of African slavery in America. At that time, African slaves made instruments and finally created the Banjo that can make a distinctive sound. Today, people around the world are using Banjo as an instrument of folk music, bluegrass, traditional Irish, and country music. In appearance, this Banjo, at a glance, looks like a shamisen, but you can immediately recognize it from the number of strings. Banjo has four to six-strings. Oscar Schmidt OB5SP 5-String Banjo Spalted Maple Bluegrass Resonator Banjo is one of the most popular types of the Banjo.

Oscar Schmidt ob5sp 5-String Banjo Review

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Oscar Schmidt OB5SP is one of the five most affordable and well-known banjo resonator strings in the world. Oscar Schmidt Banjo is a musical instrument that can make the instruments sound more lovely. This type of a Banjo has a cast aluminum bracket ring 30 bracket, Remo head, maple spalted resonator, and geared five-string tuner.


The features of Oscar Schmidt Banjo that you should know are:

  1. Spalted maple resonator with stunning patterns and texture.

Spalted maple also helps create sound with the lowest position, is very fast and crystal clear highest. Besides, spalted maple also creates a better level of sound clarity at the end of the tonal spectrum and extends the range of your instrument more dynamically.

  1. Rosewood Fretboard.

Rosewood is a more porous wood compared to Ebony and Maple, so it produces a warm and rich tone. Rosewood is also a type of wood that is durable so that musical instruments have a long service life.

  1. Handcrafted quality, Remo head, 30 aluminum tone ring brackets cast, Geared 5th string tuner, and Nato neck.


Oscar Schmidt Banjo has an easily arranged bridge and strings. And you only need to place and adjust the strings to arrange it. If you feel you don’t quite understand, you can find ways to set banjo strings through the internet or download applications via mobile. Adjustments can be done quickly and easily, but with a relatively precise tone. The head, neck, and maple spalted resonator present a beautiful blend of contrast, not to mention the combination of a dark rosewood fretboard and acrylic inlay.

The chrome tailpiece and armrests are smooth and are not easily damaged. Oscar Schmidt Banjo uses a metal pot so that the tone that comes out can resonate for a long time, and the voice sounds punchy. The strings play well and don’t buzz a lot or bend around the neck of the banjo. This instrument is very suitable if it carries the Bluegrass genre and is also suitable when paired with the violin.

If you want to buy this Oscar Schmidt OB5SP 5-String Banjo, you should buy it from a trusted online store or shop. Make sure your banjo is sent using safe packaging, so there is no damage during shipping. For those of you who like banjo musical instruments, Oscar Schmidt is the right choice. Besides having an attractive and beautiful design, the sound produced can compete with other musical instruments.

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