Luna Celtic Banjo 5 Strings Review and Buying Guide

Banjo is an instrument with four, five, or up to six strings with a thin membrane stretching over a frame or cavity that functions as a resonator. That membrane is usually in the form of pieces of animal skin or plastic, and a circular frame. People often play the Banjo instrument in folk, country, folk, bluegrass, and traditional Irish music. The Celtic 5-String Banjo from Luna Guitars is a banjo that has a beautiful design that resembles the traditional banjo.

Luna celtic banjo Review

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Luna Celtic Banjo has many unique features that distinguish it from other banjos. Besides having a beautiful design of the old Celtic patterns, Luna Banjo uses mahogany as a material for her body and neck with black walnut fingerboard so that it not only displays beautiful visuals but is also better resonant. With the 11″ Remo head, this banjo can give a more clear and durable resonant tone.


Some of the advantages of the 5-string Luna Celtic Banjo that make it different from other banjos are:

  1. Luna 5-string banjo has a beautiful design with a Celtic design that depicts the inside of the instrument’s body, and the user can see that through the head.
  2. The 11 “Remo head not only provides long-lasting resonance but also, this banjo can produce a clear tone.
  3. The bridge uses black maple/walnut for materials. That not only gives a beautiful appearance but also makes resonance and overall tone better.
  4. Body and neck made of mahogany with the black walnut fingerboard.
  5. The decoration of the fingerboard is using Luna’s signature mother-of-pearl Moon Phase fret markers.


In general, Banjo has a bridge with the right position, but if you try to play it, you will find that this piece can produce better intonation. Although Luna Celtic uses the same design as other banjos, the clear resonant head and laser-etched mahogany resonator look beautiful and attractive to the eye. Not to mention a black walnut fretboard adorned with Luna’s signature mother-of-pearl Moon Phase fret markers and dynamic chrome hardware that further refines this instrument. Also, walnut is an excellent tonewood that falls sonically between the warm dark sounds of East Indian Rosewood and the bright bell-like ring of Maple.

Although a walnut board will not last as long as an ebony board, with some care, a walnut fretboard should work fine for quite a long while. The neck is using mahogany that is known for commercially important lumber prized for its beauty and durability. Luna Celtic hardware made of dynamic chrome makes the banjo more durable and adds visual appeal. This combination makes the banjo able to resonate neatly and display a distinctive design.

Besides being easy to play, you will never get bored with the notes coming out of this instrument. Celtic Luna is available at various online stores so you can easily find it. If you decide to buy it, don’t forget to buy the case as well, because it’s not part of the package and you have to buy it separately. With beautiful tobacco Burst finishing, you don’t need to hesitate to show it off to your friends.

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