Ibanez B50 5 String Banjo Natural Review

Ibanez B50 5 String Banjo Natural is an Ibanez output banjo with the collaboration of the signature model with the late legend Earl Scruggs. Ibanez returned to banjo biz after long stopping producing banjos for a long time. Around 1982, Ibanez stopped their banjo production altogether because banjo sales at that time dropped sharply, arguably at that time Ibanez lost to a group of banjo producers who took up most of the banjo market in the United States. Even now many entry-level banjos with low prices, professional features, and beautiful models can be found on the market. Ibanez B50 Banjo was launched at a low price to enter entry-level and very tempting for beginners to buy this banjo.

Ibanez b50 5 string banjo

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Physically Ibanez B50 5 Banjo Natural is a banjo with a closed resonator, Ibanez added 5 strings to this banjo at a very friendly price. You can see the 24-lug configuration and mahogany material on the back and sides. Ibanez B50 neck 5 String Banjo Natural is also made of mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard and provides a dot position marker. The open gear tuner shows a vintage feel, and the tuner gear is the best tuner that can keep everything in harmony.

The bridge is also made of rosewood and you need to install it yourself. Ibanez B50 Banjo already carries the strings that were installed when you bought it, it’s just that you need to be careful to install the bridge yourself to make sure you get the right tone intonation. There are plenty of bridge installation instruction videos available free online for you to see. Some time needs to be needed to adjust the position of the bridge and if you feel in doubt or not confident, just take this banjo to a professional to tune it all. The default acoustic strings are pretty standard, you can buy a better one to replace it, but go back to your taste. In finishing,

Ibanez B50 5 String Banjo Natural has a very good natural finishing combined with Remo 11 inch coated weathering banjo head makes it look good.

Speaking of resonators, Ibanez B50 5 String Banjo Natural already has a resonator. On the market, there are many banjo five strings in the form of banjo resonators or banjo open-back. Physically there is only a difference in the back of the wood attached to the banjo itself. The open-back banjo doesn’t have anything in the back, allowing you to see the inside of the banjo sound-producing room, where you will find a coordinator trunk in the middle of the banjo.

Actually your decision to play the resonant or open-back Banjo model depends on the style of music you want to play. Banjo was originally made in an open-back style with nothing attached to the back. Because the banjo producers always wanted to make the banjo make a louder sound, around 1860, someone tried to attach wood or a resonator to the back of the body of the banjo in order to increase the banjo sound. And the volume and sound of Ibanez B50 5 String Banjo Natural with a resonator is indeed much brighter and louder.

Ibanez B50 5 String Banjo Natural Video Review


1. Low price.

2. Good model and this is Ibanez of course.

3. Bright and loud sound.

4. Lightweight.



1. Sound is not as good as other competitors.

2. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the head part.


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