How Much is a Banjo Worth?

If you are looking for the best banjos for the money, you surely want to know how much do banjos cost first. Whether it is your first time or not, getting a new banjo for your music life is a huge decision in your life. Amongst the criterion, your available budget will be the main driver of your picking.


To help you to ease your decision in choosing the banjo, we’ve listed a few tips that you can consider so that you won’t mistakenly choose a particular banjo.

how much do banjos


What Do you want to do with your banjo?


It is important to know your purpose for the first time to know how much do banjos cost. Think about what you are seeing in the future. Do you buy banjos for your hobbies or interests? Are you looking to upgrade your skills? Do you plan to be a professional banjo player? You can start off with cheaper banjo for learning. But if you’ve seen this in your career, you will need to upgrade to a better banjo next time.  The cost will also increase as the time goes by.


Consider to know the ideal price range


Beginner banjo price range should be around $250 to $300 in the market. You will get cheaper prices from the local stores. If it is still early in learning, you don’t have to drain out your pocket.

You can get high-quality banjo that will last for a decade at around $500. Focus only on banjo players if you are weighing the quality.


Find your nearby store


Although you can order banjo online, it would be a bit tricky to pinpoint the right banjo for you since you cannot test it physically. Therefore, it is important to find a nearby store so that you can check your banjo physically.  We are not saying that purchasing from an online store is a bad option. If you do need to purchase banjo online, make sure you know where they are shipping from, their reputations, and other variables.



Think about long-term use


No matter what’s your reason to purchase banjo, you will need to think of it as an investment into your life as a musician. But if you are planning to give it to someone, then you can also think that the banjo is a long-term investment for your recipient too.


Banjo costs based on the levels of players


If we are talking about how much do banjos cost, it can also be categorized based on the levels of the banjo players.


  • Beginner banjo: $200 – $350
  • Intermediate banjo: $400 – 1000
  • Professional banjo: $800 – $2500


Like other products in the market, we can see a lot of variables that are happening in the price differences. Once you start shopping for a banjo, these pricing guides will ease you to navigate plenty of options out there. You could start searching by looking at the price range that you can afford right now. Who knows, you can improve your career and finance later in the future so that you can upgrade your banjo. Let’s hope for the best.

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