Epiphone mb 200 Banjo Review

Maybe you have spent a lot of time researching and choosing which banjos are cheap and easy to play for beginners. You can drop your choice to the Epiphone MB-200 Banjo. As a company that has been engaged in making banjos for more than 80 years, Epiphone has become one of the leaders in the area of ​​banjo design. Epiphone is arguably a trusted brand and is the younger brother of the Gibson company. If you’ve heard of Gibson, this company is one of the first Bajo makers and the banjo-banjo has been improved for several years.

Epiphone MB-200 Banjo Review

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Epiphone MB-200 Banjo as one of the entry-level banjos continues the tradition wonderfully and this banjo is a terrific five-string banjo for beginners. Beginners can easily play this banjo because the Epiphone MB-200 Banjo presents all professional features with a very lightweight and emits a clear, punched, and bright tone. Banjo Epiphone MB-200 body is made of mahogany with a remo head, the neck is also made of mahogany complete with rosewood fretboard. The fretboard is beautifully designed with a lovely floral inlay. All this is presented at a very affordable price, confirming the existence of the history of typical Epiphone design art.

Talking about the sound produced by Epiphone MB-200 Banjo, this banjo emits a clear and rich sound, you can use it every day for several years without damage or need repair, you only need to occasionally adjust the basic truss bar. You can just buy a banjo at a cheaper price, but usually, the sound is very bad and the playback is low. Banjo with a price range like the Epiphone MB-200 Banjo usually has unreliable intonation, buzzing frets and the sound does not have a ‘banjo chime’. Banjo construction with the price range of the Epiphone MB-200 Banjo is also usually not solid and short-lived.

Even though the Epiphone MB-200 Banjo makes an extraordinary sound, you are still advised to take it to the music store in your area to get professional settings. Professional settings will make a big difference in game and sound production. After getting professional settings, try to play the Banjo, as often as you can to get the strings of the mahogany body accustomed.

Epiphone MB-200 Banjo has a neck width around the first fret 1.25 inches causing this banjo is perfect for players who have short and fat fingers.

Epiphone MB 200 Banjo Video Review


1. Excellent entry-level banjo with affordable prices

2. All the features found on banjo 5 string are professional level but this banjo is still lighter

3. The banjo’s body and neck are made of mahogany and have a Remo head

4. Rosewood fingerboard with lovely floral inlay

5. The resulting tone is punchy with bright projections 6. Friendly for banjo players who have short and fat fingers.



1. Must be taken to a music shop first to get professional arrangements.

2. The case is sold separately.


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