Epiphone mb-100 Banjo Review and Buying Guide

The Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo is a lightweight open-back banjo that is perfect for traveling. Banjo is highly recommended as the first ideal instrument for beginners who want to learn bluegrass and string band music. The name of Epiphone itself in the world of banjo production is legendary, Epiphone is always at the forefront of setting banjo trends, leading the industry in making quality banjos with affordable prices.

Epiphone mb-100 banjo review

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The Epiphone MB-100 Banjo shows the quality material provided by Epiphone using mahogany for the body and neck of the banjo with a traditional size of 26.25 inches, the fingerboard is made of rosewood dot and the head is coated by Remo. Equipped with a coordinator rod without a resonator, this banjo is light to use even for beginners. Epiphone gives the Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo gear tuner from nickel that provides solid and reliable tuning. As a whole, the Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo looks like it has a natural color and gives the impression of a typical vintage banjo made by Epiphone.


In the purchase package, the bridge must be installed manually. And you can see some online videos that provide guidance on setting up bridges in banjo. You can move the bridge and adjust it to provide a good sound output. The height of the strings is set well, you don’t need to make any adjustments again. In addition, you will also find Allen wrenches, Phillips head screwdrivers, nut wrenches, and instructions on how to adjust the neck to the height of the rope.


For sound, the Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo sounds good and classic. The sound quality is very good until the 17th to 19th fret sounds begin to lose quality and seem muddy. If you try playing the Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo in a claw hammer style, maybe you are a little disappointed, because the sound produced by this banjo sounds weak. It is possible this is because the sound disappears faster than a banjo that has a resonator.


Overall, the Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo offers fun and economical banjo playing experience that draws on the experience of making a century-old Epiphone manufacturer’s banjo and produces quality banjos that are always made with great care.

Epiphone mb-100 Banjo Video Review



1. Banjo open-back which is very light and easy to carry.

2. The price is very friendly and does not destroy your bank account.

3. Epiphone has a big name that presents high-quality banjo like Epiphone MB-100 5-String Banjo that uses burned mahogany wood. Make this banjo look vintage and elegant.

4. The sound is pretty good and classic.

5. The geared tuner is made of nickel, making this tuner last longer than ordinary geared tuners which are only coated in chrome. Geared tuners are more able to maintain the results of banjo tuning than friction tuners.



1. If you try to play this banjo in a claw hammer style, this banjo sound will not be good.

2. Do not have a resonator, banjo sound so less loud.

3. Single coordinator rod makes you have to be careful carrying this banjo compared to other banjos that have double coordinator rods.


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