Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo Review

Deering is the only major bluegrass banjo producer who does not import or make their instruments outside the US. Deering is included in the best line of classic bluegrass banjo at an affordable price. Deering produces banjo with various styles suitable for beginners to professionals. Maybe he has to agree, so don’t be happy with their plan by making the most of it, or making it yourself. One of the most popular Deering banjo outputs is the Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo. Goodtime banjo from Deering is a high-class banjo that has a rear opening so it can produce pleasant sounds. Deering Goodtime is a banjo that is also suitable for beginners and professional players.

Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo Review

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The features in Banjo Deering Goodtime 5-strings are:

  1. Three-ply, 11-inch maple rim
  2. Adjustable tailpiece
  3. Geared tuning machine
  4. 22-fret rock maple neck


Deering Goodtime banjo produces sharp and crisp sounds. They say the maple neck is the type of sound like that. The fret is designed to be able to help beginners achieve the right intonation faster. A low and comfortable 22-fret neck allows novice players with small hands to hold it comfortably. Goodtime Banjo consists of durable materials so you don’t need to worry about breaking down quickly. Using American construction, you can play this Goodtime Banjo by Deering for years without losing sound quality and even structural rigidity.

Another plus point of this Deering Goodtime Banjo are:

  1. Using High-quality maple for rim and neck
  2. Has a lightweight, only about four pounds, so users are not tired of carrying it.
  3. Have a beautiful instrument appearance with Wooden inlays
  4. Durable maple and ebony bridge makes the instrument get more longevity
  5. Using Durable construction

Not only attractive in terms of appearance, but The Deering Goodtime is also an open-back banjo that is perfect for bluegrass music lovers. Banjo with open-back models usually have a mellow tone, but this Deering Goodtime has a full and clarity of note separation. You will find it easy to adjust to the standard G settings or any other settings you want.

Besides the pros, there are also some disadvantages of Goodtime Banjo. The first is price. Deering Goodtime is a relatively expensive banjo for beginners. Banjo Goodtime uses a design that is suitable for beginners, but also suitable for use by professionals. Although the price is expensive, there are hidden benefits behind it. The advantage is that you don’t need to buy a banjo again when you are an expert at playing it.

Usually, a beginner will buy a banjo that is easy to play for beginners, and after an expert, he will buy a better banjo. In the case of Deering Goodtime, you don’t need to upgrade your banjo or buy another one. Another disadvantage of this banjo is the absence of truss rods. Truss rods are usually used as neck adjustments. In the absence of this section, some users seem to be feeling rather uncomfortable. Still about Goodtime Banjo, if you are looking for a banjo that can train your skills to be better and also durable, this is your best choice!

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