Blue Moon BJ-10 5 String Banjo Starter Pack Review

Looks like playing banjo is fun huh? Yes, of course, banjo is one of the stringed instruments such as guitar, harp, etc. with special playing techniques. The techniques that are usually used to play banjo are playing in the Bluegrass style, playing general picking, playing the early Dixieland Jazz style and can even try playing the great banjo clawhammer style. You will learn these styles slowly, the success of playing with a certain style is also influenced by the banjo used.

Blue Moon BJ-10 5 String Banjo

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As a beginner, you can choose an inexpensive entry-level banjo. On the one hand, this banjo can not be used for certain playing styles and the sound often changes after a few hours of use. It could be said that choosing a cheap and good banjo requires certain tricks. You can just get a cheap banjo with super quality and beautiful design, or a banjo with a complete purchase package that makes it easy for you to learn banjos while saving money.

There are many reviews of entry-level banjos that can be found in online media, there are several videos that show the sounds of these banjos to make it easy for you to choose the banjo that suits your taste. Speaking of purchasing equipment packages, most banjos only provide a minimalist purchase package such as a banjo without a tone guidebook, or even a bag to carry a banjo, most of which must be purchased separately. Most of the entry-level banjos also cannot be used right away, you need to take them to professional musical instrument shops for tuning before you can play them (if you buy banjos online).

One interesting entry-level banjo to buy is the Blue Moon BJ-10 Openback 5 String Banjo. This Banjo comes in an open back style with a mahogany rim and neck. Mahogany wood is indeed the best material for making banjos with quality sound. The head part of the Blue Moon BJ-10 Openback 5 String Banjo has an 11inch Remo banjo head, equipped with a fingerboard ovangkol with 22 frets and railroad spike 5th string top nut. The top is shaped like a Maple bridge with ebony top, plastic top nut. Already included a spike on 2nd fret on 5th string. There are ABS bindings, satin finish, and Gauge .010 strings. For the best price, you can buy a complete package version of the Blue Moon BJ-10 Pack Openback 5 String Banjo Pack which includes bags, tuners, finger and thumb picks, tutor books at very friendly prices.

Blue Moon itself is a company that produces superb value Guitars, Violins, Mandolins, Banjos, etc. at a price you can afford. The Blue Moon company is indeed not a new player in the field of musical instruments using strings. So you may believe in the banjo they made.

Blue Moon BJ-10 5 String Banjo Video Review


1. Easy to use for beginners

2. Loud and steady sound

3. Complete packages at low prices.

4. Very light so it is easy to carry



1. Banjo must be taken to a music shop/banjo expert first to get professional tuning

2. Don’t have a resonator


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