Best Six String Banjo Review and Guide

Have you ever played a six string banjo before? Although a banjo has similar almost features with a guitar, it could produce a totally different depth in music. Banjos could be made from both soft or hardwoods. Depending on the materials, they could produce different quality of tones from the instrument. If you want a banjo with a soft and mellow tone, you should choose the one made from softwood like mahogany. On the other hand, if you want the one with much crisper and clearer tones, choose the ones made from a hardwood like Walnut. Take a look at our reviews below so you could choose the proper banjos according to your need.

Six String Banjo Review


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6 Strings open-back Banjo Washburn Americana B6

You wouldn’t find this six-string banjo of the Washburn Americana series in any 6 string banjo for sale but here. Washburn is the pioneer of building banjo since late 1800 and considered the best at that time. If you are already an expert in guitar, then this is the item you want. You could tune it in the same way as a guitar. The neck and the rim are made from mahogany with 22 rosewood fingerboard frets. This banjo comes with D’Addario nickel strings, surely to give your music warmer, softer tones.

6 Strings open back Banjo Washburn


Acoustic-electric 6 string banjo: Luna Moonbird

This is definitely the best 6 string banjo for you who love music more than anything! The banjo itself is an artwork featuring the moon and stars. From the design and the features, this banjo is a depiction of perfect harmony of arts and technology. Its build is the standard 25-½” scale of a guitar, still with a traditional banjo resonator. Jam together with your friends and produce harmony with the unique accented tone produced from this instrument.

6 string banjo: Luna Moonbird Review


Gear4music 6 String Guitar Banjo Pack

The best 6 string banjo for sale and comes in a bundle with a padded gig bag and a headstock tuner, this is the item you want.  Play this banjo just like a guitar, you don’t need to learn any new skill. The perfect item to add a new element into your music, a banjo with closed-back design like this one. Its body and resonator are made from mahogany, also aluminum shell to ensure the lightweight. The fretboard is poplar laminate and completed with Remo head, making this instrument capable of producing such amazing sound yet comfortable to use.

Gear4music 6 String Guitar Banjo Pack Review and Guide


6 String Banjo Rogue Natural

Did you find it difficult to play with instruments with narrow frets? This banjo could give you a comfortable feeling with its jumbo frets. The resonator, as well as the neck, is made from mahogany with thumbscrews. Smooth finish with 3 plies of Maples for the rim. This piece is already equipped with geared tuners and an adjustable truss rod. Forget your days of struggling to play with narrow frets, play more comfortably with this banjo, and improve your skills immediately.

Rogue 6-String Banjo


Composite 6 String Banjo Gold Tone AC6

This banjo has a slightly different body design with the traditional wood banjo. But this 6 string instrument could provide you a sound that no other banjo with 6 strings in its price range could produce. The sound it produces packs a punch, powerful and clear. Are you a person with high mobility and tons of schedule? You would need a banjo and something to carry it around safely. This piece of instrument includes a padded gig bag, so you could easily carry it around for your shows. Simply get this item and you could start to play anywhere you want.

Six String Banjo Gold Tone AC6



Deering Goodtime 6- String Banjo Natural

If you are a guitarist who wants to explore a new depth of music, this six-string banjo is the best piece for you. No need to struggle so much tuning this instrument, you could just do it like you always do with a guitar. The neck is also designed to give a fast and sleek experience, not much different than a guitar. Adding a new element into your music may not be as easy nor exciting as it sounds. However, with the best 6 string banjo like this Deering Goodtime 6, you might find that statement untrue.

Deering Goodtime 6- String Banjo 


Dean BW6 Backwoods 6 String Banjo

Do you get bored pretty easily? If you are just starting to learn how to play guitar and feel a little bit bored, this is the time to step up your game. With this instrument, you don’t have to start all over again, yet you could have a different sensation than playing a guitar. This piece of instrument is made with the details of traditional banjos. If you want a reminiscence of the old days, you would find this Dean Backwoods BW6 both distinctive and comfortable to hear. Own this piece and sit together with your friends, creating new unique music that could be viral in no time.

Dean BW6 Backwoods 6 String Banjo



Deering Boston 6 String Acoustic-Electric Banjo

What makes Deering banjos so distinctive? The answer is due to their rolled steel rims that produce powerful tones as no other brands do. You don’t need to doubt the detail and build quality from Deering. Immediately own this instrument to make your guitarist able to produce true banjo sound. Tuning also can be done just as the same with guitars. The truss rod could be fully adjusted to the wielder’s style, making it even more unique and personalized. Also, get a hardshell case from this product and you can take this banjo anywhere without worries!

This series of Deering Boston banjo with 6 strings has a big resonant bass that makes it different from the 5 string banjos. Yet the high notes are crisp, giving off the vibes of beautiful, classical banjo tones. Mahogany is used for the resonator and the neck, along with steel rims plated with nickel. If you want to be an expert in banjo, this is the best 6 string banjo that could help you reach the top! Own this piece of instrument now and improve your skills immediately!

Deering Boston USA Banjo Resonator Review


Six String Banjo Video Review


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