Best Electric Banjo Instrument Reviews and Buying Guide

When you’re researching banjo musical instruments, you might have found the one called an electric banjo instrument for sure. Is that simply an electric version of an acoustic version? Or, are there some fundamental differences between the two instruments? Many people are just clueless about the electric banjo. If you’re curious about the best electric banjo, check things you should know about the instrument below.

Best Electric Banjo Instrument Reviews and Buying Guide

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What is an Electric Banjo?

An electric banjo is a banjo with a built-in preamp working with the amplification where you can adjust the volume and tones. The electric banjo uses a pickup to capture the string resonant just like the electric guitar. While the straight conventional banjo is typically four-stringed, you can easily find 4-string, 5-string, and even 6-string banjos in the market. Sometimes, electric banjos may also refer to hybrid banjo or acoustic-electric banjo products.

The instrument also appears as borderlands 3 electric banjo which is actually an Eridian Artifact that boosts the damages of your bullet. You can obtain the electric banjo bl3 and use it against Eridian Guardians and Maliwan troopers. The amplifying function of the game’s electric banjos is likely inspired by the actual banjo’s main characteristic, the louder sounding.


When Was Electric Banjo Invented?

Buck Trent who is a country music player from American invented the electric banjo and played it in the 1960s. Today, electric banjos are widely used by artists and professional musicians to make and record their music. Modern electric banjos can now be connected to amplifiers, computers, and even mobile devices. They’re also available in various shapes and designs, some of them are just like guitars at appearance. The hybrid or acoustic-electric banjo instruments are usually also called as electric banjo as they also use a built-in preamp to amplify the sound of the instrument while maintaining its acoustic construction.


How To Play Electric Banjos?

Basically, you can play electric banjos just like playing the acoustic ones but they allow you to play your instrument louder in gigs. However, in a pure electric banjo, you would have to connect your electric banjo instrument into an amplifier or sounding device. Acoustic-electric banjos allow you to play with or without an amplifier as it employs pickup to capture resonating strings when you’re playing. Electric banjos may have built-in knobs on their body where you can adjust the volume and tone of the instrument just like other typical guitars.

Finger playing electric banjos have no significant differences with the acoustic ones. You can strum, pick, chicken pick, bend, slide, and many other techniques applied for acoustic banjo. Some professional musicians plug their electrical banjo into preamps or various effects(analog or digital fx) to achieve a unique sounding that suits their music. The used pick is very common in playing electric banjo but fingerpicking is still applicable.


Why You Choose Electric Banjos?

Electric banjos have become more familiar with different types of music. Banjo players play electric banjos as they want to achieve a louder, more modern sounding. By connecting it to the amplifier or mixer, the musician can adjust treble, volume, bass, mid, and equalizer. You can now find various electric banjo for sale in various shapes and designs as you can even find a flying V banjo in the market. This type of banjo captures all experiences provided by an acoustic banjo with flexibility on sounding and playability.


Who Play Electric Banjos?

More artists and musicians are now playing electric banjos like gold-tone electric banjo to create their music and for their gigs. Banjo players were predominantly playing classic bluegrass, jazz, blues, country music but now there are many mainstream pop musicians also playing the banjo. Any musician can put banjo elements into their music, no matter what genre or style of music they’re playing.

Today, you can find major banjo manufacturers produce the best electric banjo in a different range of prices and quality. Anyone who can play an acoustic banjo would have no problems in playing an electric banjo as long as they have an amplifier to sound the instrument.


What To Choose: 4-String or 5-String Electric Banjo?

A sacred consideration for a banjo player is to choose the number of strings they want to play in a banjo. The 4-string banjo and 5-string banjo have some differences mainly in the tuning, technique, and typical music genre to play.

4 String electric banjo instruments also come with plectrum and tenor versions. The tuning includes viola tuning(CGDA), Irish Tenor Tuning(GDAE), and Chicago Tuning(DGBE). Tenor banjos are typically played for melodic picking while the plectrum banjos are mainly strummed with a plectrum or pick. 4-string banjos are usually played for jazz, country, traditional Irish music, and so forth.

5-String electric banjo has all strings of the 4-string banjo and one string below that starts in the fifth fret. It’s actually the older type of banjo that employs open G tuning. The electric banjos no longer differ from resonator and open back construction as the acoustic version does. 5-string electric banjo is still played for bluegrass music and other genres.

Today, you can also find 6-string electric banjos that employ standard guitar tuning. The crossover instruments are typically played by guitarists that want to put banjo sounding in their music in a practical way. Since they look like a guitar, you can play 6-string banjo just like playing guitar with some limitations. You can also still play bluegrass by using the first five-string and relevant techniques. 6-String electric banjos are less popular than 4-string and 5-string banjos but you can find some musicians playing this instrument though.

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Electric banjos are simply the electric version of an acoustic banjo. They use pickup and preamp to capture the resonating strings when you’re playing the banjo. The electric banjo allows you to play the instrument louder with an amplifier and sound system. It offers a more flexible playing experience as you can connect it directly to multi-effect gears, mixers, recording consoles, and multimedia. If you’re a banjo player, it’s great to have an electric banjo.

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