Banjo vs Ukulele | What is the Easiest to Learn?

When you are planning to learn the string musical instruments, you will notice tons of options which could make you overwhelmed. As you read this article, you might be in the middle between learning banjo vs ukulele.

Banjo vs Ukulele | What is the Easiest to Learn?

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Now the question is this: Is banjo harder than ukulele?


The answer is YES and No. Of course, it would be relative from one person to another. There are some variables which tie together with the instrument’s learning curve so that there is no direct answer to this sort of question.


If you have no prior experience with any single-stringed instrument, many experts suggested you to start with the ukulele because it is a bit easier. But again, it will be up to the individuals who want to learn the stringed instruments by themselves.


Let’s see the overviews of each instrument first to know the exact banjo and ukulele difference.


Banjo overview


Banjo is one of the most popular stringed instruments in the world. Being a popular instrument for decades, there have been evolutions of this instrument so that you will come across tons of styles and tuning to choose to match your personal preferences.


Banjo’s main types are categorized by the number of the strings in the instrument. The most common types are four strings banjo, five strings banjo, six strings banjo, as well as electric banjo which also comes in different types based on the number of the strings. But oftentimes, you will be down to four or five strings.


However, choosing between the four or five strings, the five strings version comes up as the more popular one.


The body of the instrument is ergonomic enough to hold. If you want to stand while playing, you could use the strap provided by the manufacturer of the banjo.


The most common techniques to use are finger-tapping and picking. Banjo’s size is approximately 85 centimeters. Therefore, it is often not a great option for kids because they hardly reach all of the frets.


Ukulele Overview


If you’ve ever come to Hawaii, or perhaps have some interests on this island, you will surely have heard about ukulele.


Ukulele is a part of the Hawaiian tradition. Ukulele size is smaller than banjo. But don’t let the size deceives you. When it comes to banjo vs ukulele, it is hard to pick the winner because ukulele can also produce such charming sounds. In many cases, the players can start playing a full song the same day they learn their first ukulele. But if you don’t have much time to learn, the learning curve is still less challenging than the conventional guitar.


It is a plucked string instrument. The most common model of ukulele or Hawaiian guitar is 4 strings.


What Makes it unique is that when you get the original ukulele, the body of this instrument is made of koa, a type of hardwood found in Hawaii. It is the key to make such unique sound from ukulele. But you can also find a more affordable alternative which is made of walnut or mahogany.

Although it is smaller than banjo, it is somewhat appealing when you carry this around and play in your free time.


There are four types of ukulele depending on their size and sound: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. You will want to check about them first before deciding one. If you want to explore all of the stuff, you will need to prepare more money to spend.


The difficulties of the instruments


If you are still weighing your options between banjo vs ukulele, the difficulty of the instruments can be the most influencing factor to consider. Well, why not? In the end, you will want to focus on the instrument that you love the most. And you can be flexible in the journey of your goals.


When it comes to banjo vs ukulele, we can derive it from your background experience first.


If you have learned the basics of guitar before, then it will be easier for you to learn banjo because banjo and guitar have more similarities compared to ukulele. The good news is that the skills that you’ve attained from your guitar is transferable to the banjo instruments. That means you can start playing your first songs as soon after unboxing your banjo package at home.


If we are talking about plucked strings, ukulele is definitely the answer. It can be easier for most folks who have never played instruments before. Also, if your little ones want to play stringed instruments, you will realize that guitar and banjo are too big for them. Ukulele could be the answer.


And if you’ve played the guitar before, it will also be easy to understand the basics of ukulele. But in the end, the decision will be yours.


Banjo vs Ukulele Video Review

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