Are You Planning to Get a New 5 String Banjo? Reviews+Guide

It is indeed true that banjo has been one of the most demanded stringed instruments in the world. It has quickly become an important role in many different music genres including the country, American bluegrass, folk music, jazz, rock, and even pop.

When you have covered the basics, you will know more interesting facts about Banjo. It will not only give you satisfaction when playing but also entertaining special people around your circle.

Playing banjo is challenging and interesting at the same time. Whether you have just started, been a while, or transforming your guitar skills to a new instrument called five string banjo, you will want to play the right one to have such satisfaction. When it comes to 5 string banjo for sale, you will find a lot of choices over the market. It can take time to explore all of the stuff and divide with what you want. Well, let us save the time for you by taking a look at this list.

5 string banjo Reviews + Guide

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Vangoa 5 String Banjo Beginner Kit

If you or someone you know who needs the best 5 string banjo in beginner level, then this Vangoa five-string banjo beginner kit can make a great choice for you. This beginner kit consists of 5 string banjo, tuner, strap, pickup, strings, picks, as well as bag. If you have just begun, then you cannot go wrong with this kit. Take this out with your journey to become a great banjoist. The economical kit comes with all of the essentials that you need to have to explore your possibilities. You can get the complete tools and accessories in one package, which is a great deal for you if you are budget conscious. Read full review here.

Vangoa 5 String Banjo


Costway Sonart 5 String Banjo

If you need a robust five-string banjo, consider adding this to your wishlist. This 5-string banjo is made of plywood with layers of solid woods. These materials can really make a perfect build of banjo which is resistant to corrosion and extreme weather. The durability is beyond the conventional banjo competitors. The Remo drum is what we’d like to highlight. It comes with high-quality material which allows you to use the banjo on different occasions. You can easily adjust the sound level with the digital tuner. Have it for making you ready for live performance or recording.

Costway Sonart 5 String Banjo



Washburn B9 5 String Banjo

It is an ideal choice for both the first-timers and pro players. If you’ve just started, your teacher might suggest that you choose this. As for the pro player, it can be a robust back-up for the sessions. This classic banjo really signifies the values of your money.

Washburn has been the prominent name in the world of banjo. This world-class instrument brand has been consistent in delivering quality in tone and projection. If you want to improve your playstyle exponentially, this 5 string banjo can really help you.

Washburn 5 String Banjo



Ozark 5 String Banjo

Ozark five-string banjo has everything that you need to become a good banjoist. For seasonal to serious players, Ozark 5 string banjo for sale could give a safe option.

It has a maple shell, neck, and resonator. The brass tone ring is a great companion. If you are striving for bluegrass style, it could be a great companion for you, thanks to its sophisticated 2115G.

What makes us stunned is its 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with diamond inlays, bronze engraved armrest. These accents do show the class that the Ozark wants to approach. You won’t regret to have this for your jam session or stage performance.

Ozark 5 String Banjo Review


Deering Sierra 5 String Banjo

For those who are looking for professional 5 string banjo for sale, you could pick this to your collection. Deering has been known for decades for its great lines of professional banjo instruments. Contrary to popular belief, Deering does not only produce expensive professional banjo. Sierra, the thematic series of the professional banjo from the brand, comes with an affordable price that common folks can afford.

Gone are the days that the good banjoists needed to break their bank to get a new Deering banjo. Now with the Sierra series, you will be able to attain a flagship banjo instrument with an affordable price tag.

Deering Sierra 5 String Banjo Review and Guide



Deering Goodtime 5 String Banjo

For those who are looking for crisp sound with good lightweights, this unit can be a great option for you. This best 5 string banjo comes with the open back design and great build. The 5-string tone from this unit can accompany you well in every session.

Thanks to its lightweight design, it opens the opportunity for kids to play the banjo. Back then, kids were not ready because of the heavyweight of classic banjo. But it won’t be the case anymore. Read full review here.


Deering Goodtime 5 String Banjo Review



Deering Goodtime Blackgrass 5-String Banjo 

The Blackgrass of the 5 string banjo really signifies its name. It is a great choice for the banjoists who want to explore the darker side of the playstyle.

The design itself really set it apart from the conventional 5 stringed instruments. It can be shown from its pure black stain of all the maple woods. It is accented with the matte black hardware. If you are looking for the dark twist, you are not alone. there have been many folks who want to think outside the box. The Blackgrass can be your great companion if you are fond of the picking.

Deering Goodtime Blackgrass 5-String Banjo Review and Guide


Oscar Schmidt LEFT HAND 5-String Banjo

For the left-handed player, you won’t need to worry. Oscar Schmidt comes with a robust left-handed option for you.

The 5 string banjo for sale like this is what really saves left-handed players from a lot of hassle. The nicely designed banjo will bring joy to your music life. It will always be pleasurable to play your favorite songs with this banjo. The mahogany resonator is responsible for the crisp sound produced by the instrument. The 30 brackets cast aluminum Remo head is another star in the unit.

Oscar Schmidt LEFT HAND 5-String Banjo Reviews and Guide



It is arguably the best 5 string banjo for left-handed bluegrass banjoists. The build is like the other models in the OB5 series. This comes with the 30 brackets cast aluminum tone ring and mahogany resonator. The best 5 string banjo comes with resilient and robust characteristics so that you will be accompanied by this instrument for many years in the future. It procures the handcrafted quality which won’t fail you. Read full review here.


Oscar Schmidt OB5 Gloss Mahogany 5-String Banjo Review and Guide




5 String Banjo Video Review

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